A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Locked is a 2d sokoban-style puzzle game where you can play different mind-testing puzzles, of all kinds! It has many different block and mechanics you can play around with, such as keys, locks, movable blocks, one ways, portals and more!

It also has a very interactive and intuitive tutorial that shows you how you can create a level of your own and publish it to the world, for everyone to see!

More features and mechanics are coming soon!

Install instructions

1) Download 
"<YourOperativeSystem>.zip" depending if you have Windows or Linux and you have x86 or x86_64 architetture (if you don't know what architetture you have download x86_64 first and if it doesn't work download x86)

2) Uncompress
the file you just downloaded and open the executable (Locked-Game.exe for Windows, Locked-Game for Linux)



Locked Windows x86_64.zip 24 MB
Locked Linux x86_64.zip 35 MB
Locked Windows x86.zip 19 MB
Locked Linux x86.zip 22 MB