A downloadable game for Windows, Linux, and Android

Glass Cannon is a shoot them up space game with a shop upgrade system.

The game is composed of infinite waves that get progressively harder. It also features an online scoreboard system.

The shop has 5 different ship upgrades, but there is a twist: your healthbar is the currency, so be careful or you'll end up losing!

~ ~ ~ Game Creators ~ ~ ~
Pyoid, Akusan - Team Leaders
NICO_THE_PRO - Head Developer
nka1024 (Head Artist)
Scowsh (Sounds/Music

Install instructions

1) Download  "<YourOperativeSystem>.zip" depending if you have Windows or Linux and you have x86 or x86_64 architetture (if you don't know what architetture you have download x86_64 first and if it doesn't work download x86). There is also an Android version.

2) Uncompress the file you just downloaded and open the executable (Glass Cannon.exe for Windows, Glass Cannon.x86(_64). for Linux, Glass Cannon.apk for Android)


Android.zip 31 MB
Windows x86_64.zip 24 MB
Linux x86_64.zip 25 MB
Windows x86.zip 22 MB
Linux x86.zip 25 MB