A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Delay is a tactic turn based board game where you can play against different players all around the globe!

There are many tiles with different mechanics and special abilities and, since the game is still in Alpha Stages, more are on the way!

I also plan on implementing different game-modes. As of right now, the main objective of the game is to reach the enemy king tile and capture it!

Moreover, you can also play in Learn mode, which is basically multiplayer on the same keyboard. This will be a way to show you how game mechanics work and also play with people without needing an Internet connection.

Finally, the game has also a built in map editor, so you can save, load and publish maps created by you for other people to play!

Install instructions

1) Download  "<YourOperativeSystem>.zip" depending if you have Windows or Linux and you have x86 or x86_64 architetture (if you don't know what architetture you have download x86_64 first and if it doesn't work download x86).

2) Uncompress the file you just downloaded and open the executable (Locked-Game.exe for Windows, Locked-Game for Linux).


Windows x86_64.zip 24 MB
Linux x86_64.zip 70 MB
Windows x86.zip 19 MB